- it's nice having you around, you are now virewing the shrine/fanlisting dedicated to Shin Seijuro from Eyeshield 21.
This site is full of unmarked spoliers so be aware that you can stumble upon them without knowing it.

This is a shrine and fanlisting is dedicated to the first rival of the main character Sena, the one who is one of the people who make the protagonist grow, and I love him for his social ineptitude. If you disagree with me, then please don't send me flames or similar, remember this is a fan tribute so it's my own personal point of view. But on the other hand you are welcome to contribute in the media section.

I wanted to say that this shrine is mostly based on the manga, and less on the anime, even if probably there will be some parts I'll try to put from the animated part, but I greatly prefere the manga.

~ Saya x Bloody Network x Updates x 29th March 2010 ~

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