Student Card

Name : Shin Seijuro
Birthday: 9th July
Occupation: Student, American Football player
Position: Middle Linebacker (look in glossary if you don’t know what it is)
School: Oujou High School
Team: Oujou White Knights
Jersey: 40
40 yard dash: 4.4s at the beginning and then 4.2
Bench press: 140kg

The ace of the Oujo team, is a social inept and apathetic guy who’s name is Shin Seijuro. What is confirmed about this character is that his looks were based on the actor Bruce Lee, and sometimes he looks like Kenshiro from Hokuto no Ken.

His position in the team is of Middle Linebacker and he takes it seriously as everything that has to do with football and the general condition of his body.
His mind is completely set on the sport he plays and he acknowledges only those who play American Football or simply have something to do with it.
He is totally unable to recognize a person by his looks, so he doesn’t notice any changes, because he will recognize the person by his body (even before it’s publicly known that Sena is Eyeshield 21, he knows it when he sees him run).

An interesting feature about this boy is also that he and technology are the worst enemies, or at least he is to the technological stuff, nothing will survive in his hands. When his first appearance arrive in first volume, after Sakuraba, thanks to Hiruma, gets spotted and he leaves Shin with the video-camera, the poor thing doesn’t resist in his hands neither for the second, broken without much effort. (when he is later asked about it, he says he doesn’t know who did it).

At the end, after being chosen for the Japan team, he becomes the defense captain and the middle linebacker in Japan AllStars.