Because I love him!

I think for me shin is my favourite character from the series. It seems I have a strange attachment to some quite socialy inept characters from series. This guy is something great overexagerated in lot of ways like on how he trains, on what he eats, incapacity of using wathever techonlogical stuff without breaking it, and totaly sociality 0. For him there is simpl Football and beating his rival Eyeshield 21.

Actualy is quite funny at how he sees just one person, well not exactly as a person, but morlikely as a rival and everything. Besides in the manga there are a lot of funny moments, like when they go out all together and while in the restourant there is a chanllenge between the various squads, he is out making pushups because he didn't eat his regular balanced nutriments... a health freak... in some way, because I still think that can't be that healthy.

Besides I fell in love with him, the first moment I saw him, when Sakuraba left him alone to type the game, and the only thing he managed to do was brake the video-camera.
However, even if he IS inept in lot of ways, I really love his attachement to his team and his coach. I love the way how he tries and tries till he manages to do it, and how he sees Sena, even if he is small as a rival, his only rival. He seeks victory, he wants to be the best, but for being that, he must completly win over Eyeshield 21.

Sometimes I ask myself if his brain, perhaps isn't like a football ball. But in the end there is something to learn from him: dedication and loyalty.