Glory to the kingdom!

Colors: White and blue
Mascot: Knight with a lance on horse
Helmet logo: Blue shield with white crucifix
Jersey: White and blue as the colors, but across each shoulder there is a lightning bolt
Team’s chant: Glory to the kingdom

Oujou Private High School has the looks as the Notre Dame Cathedral and has a long American Football tradition. (It is said that it’s like that to show that they are like the University of Notre Dame in the US).

The game of the team is based mostly on the defense, which means that their main point is stoping the opposite team from getting points.

White knights are the team of the high school, but Oujou also has the university, where the team of it is called Silver Knights, which are the golden generation, while being white knights, they were the only who came near defeating the Naga’s team (till Deimon actually defeated the Nagas)

The team’s noticeable members (there are also others):

  • Shin Seijuro – the middle linebacker
  • Sakuraba Haruto – Wide Receiver
  • Takami Ichiro – Quarterback
  • Outawara Makoto – lineman
  • Ikari Daigo – lineman
  • Shouji Gunpei – coach