The ace of White Knights

It’s not easy to write about Shin’s personality, the only certain things that are about him is that he loves to get stronger. Actually he is over-obsessed with the fact of getting stronger and when he encounters someone faster or stronger than him, he will work every hour of his day to become better and so that he can win in a direct confrontation with that person.
He joined American Football team, not because he was fan of it or anything, but because he had the feeling that it would help him get stronger. When the coach noticed him, he made sure that he wouldn’t be recruited by any other school “teams” and made out of him the ace of the White Knights.
When he appears Hiruma says about him:

“Shin from the white knights, the strongest and the fastest line backer in high school. He is too strong, he is not human.”
- Chapter 5, p. 9

The main point of this character is actually that he wants to be the strongest, and he does everything in his power to do so. From practicing in the gym, running not matter what weather is out, eating balanced meals, and never ever eat anything out of his diet regime, and if he does, he practice twice as much to come back to his righteous path.

Another thing that makes Shin a peculiar character is definitely his problem with electronics. The first time he shows this side of himself, is in the chapter 6, when Sakuraba is running away from his fans/stalkers, and leaves Shin to record with the video camera the game between Devil Bats and Cupids. He doesn’t manage to tape even a second, because the camera goes in pieces and he runs after Sakuraba:

“Sakuraba!!! Something is wrong with the video camera!”
- Chapter 6, p. 6

Even if maybe he began playing American Football by chance, just because his only friend joined the team, he became soon an expert in the field. He is able to recognize the t talent from seeing a few seconds of someone playing, the only time he actually was wrong, was the first time he saw Sena play, because the boy didn’t show his true potential in the first moment, but he corrected his statement about him when he finally saw his true potential. So when Sena and Monta ask him to join the Japan Team, they also get, aside from a strong line backer a person who knows who is the strongest in their country, so they can build a dream team.